Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 3/Mon 9/24/2012 10:33 AM

I really cant believe how fast time is going by here! It really is hard to believe that I have already been in mexico for 3 weeks now, it seriously feels like I have only been here for a week, at most! Thank you all for you emails, and grandma, yes, i do get your emails, and i got your dearelder letter, thank you so much! I love you!

It is so good to hear that everthing is going pretty good at home, however, i am sorry tanner for larry, he was a good geko, you could maybe have the slug that we found in our sink this morning hahahaha. Anywho, life has been going really good here! Like i said, time has been flying by just because we are working all day everyday! So a typical sunday, we have church from 10 to 1, but we get there at 9 so we can go pick up investigadors for church, and then right after is usually when we have our baptisms, usually. During the week, on p day we wake up at 530 every week just because everything that we want to do is so far away from us that we have to wake up that early to be able to have time to write our families and what not. We get back to work at 6 on p days. During the week, we have our zone meetings on tuesday, and that takes up half the day as well. The other days we start preaching at 1030 11ish and usually dont get back home until aroun 930 or 10 some nights just because we are always soooo busy, we normally teach about 7 to 10 lessons a day, and contact around 20 people, so there is a ton of work to do here!

So this week was an interesting one. Saturday we had one of our families get marrried (the second picture) so that they could get baptized. Interesting fact about mexico real quick, no one really believes in getting married, so right now we are working with 3 other families to get married so they can get baptized. Anywho, since this family got married, they had all of their family there. Well, long story short, they wanted to postpone their baptism till next week. So then we had 4 who were going to get baptized. Well with the other family, she didnt want to get baptized (the mom) because of certain monthly problems, and so we have to postpone her baptism along with her two kids. So we were down to only one baptism. So we went to go pick her up, btw her name is maria, before church so she could get baptized, and low and behold she wasnt there. We went back to her house after sacrament meeting and she still wasnt there, so we were kinda bummed. But, during church the bishop was talking to a member who has brought her mom a couple times to church and she said that she wanted a blessing and to get baptized, so of course right after church we went to their house! This lady, marinela, had been abused by her kids ever since she got really old and stopped working, and she got super sick, so that is why she wanted a blessing. Let me tell you, anoiting oil in spanish is not as easy as it seems haha. But, it was definitely a spiritual experience for me having to rely on my companion and the spirit to help me out with what words to say, and luckily my companion sealed it and gave the blessing so i didnt have to, but i definitely have some work to do in that area. Anyways, since we were there, we taught her about baptism, and she was so receptive and wanted to get baptized last night! Miracle i know! Anywho, for her to be baptized, we had to have our district leader interview her, and luckily they didn't have any lessons planned, so they were able to come that day so she could be baptized. So during the interview, we went on changes to go see if this maria was home and to see if she wanted to still get baptized. Luckily she was there! Even though it was me and our district leaders companion, who got here the same day i did, and we didnt really understand all of what she said, we were able to convice her that it was the best day for her to do it. Meanwhile, while we are walking back to the chapel with maria, my companion and district leader are still in the interview with marinela. Well as you know, we need to priesthood holders for witnesses, and we only had one. So on our way, I call the bishop, but just our luck, he was in DF (district federal) and couldn't go. So as I hung up i said a little prayer to help us out. Right as i finished, we randomly ran into the primary president and her husband, who has the priesthood! So with broken spanish we asked if they could help, and they were glad to come (Take note this is at like 8 at night by now). So we get to the chapel, changed, took pictures and everything, got in the baptismal font, talked her through everything, but right as i was about to start the prayer, maria gets super scared of going under the water and basically runs out of the font.......Talk about luck. Satan really does work hard all the way. But, i had a thought to call my companion to see if they were going to bring marinela before I got out of the font and changed, and luckily they were only another 5 minutes away. So i just stayed in the font (that is why we didnt get pictures this week of us in our whites) until they got there, had another small welcoming/talk thing, and then got her baptized. Marinela (the little old lady in the picture) was seriously a miracle baptism. Everything that happened with her should have just gone wrong, but God made it possible without a hitch, as always. I hope that next week maria will be able to get over her fears of the water, and I also hope that next week we will have the other 6 along with another family we found yesterday who is a part member family will be baptized next week. The work here is seriously on fire!!.

Real quick, answers: Our city where we live is a mix a both rural and urban, most of the shops are just houses combined with the stores, but everyone sells something, and most of the people sell the same thing, it really is no wonder how everyone is so poor here because everyone does the same thing.

However, all of the outlining cities are very countryish, very very old fashioned.

For our grocerys we go to a bodega, which is owned by walmart, so they have coco puffs :) we cook about once a day, sometimes twice, but we sometimes dont really eat dinner because the members feed us so well for lunch.

And no i dont know what the name of the falls are, sorry :/

Love you mom!!

Elder Noel

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