Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wed 8/8/2012 9:20 AM

Hola mi familia! 

Como estan? Ok so here is the confermation on the plaque, DC section 4 verse 2. The little scripture that I have been putting on the back of all my envalopes are scriptures that I have read over the past week and have felt prompted to share with those at home.

Anywho, on to how this week has been. So this past two weeks our district lost both of our teachers. One of them, Bro. Zivic, he was working two jobs here and then got accepted into the accounting program at byu and was also taking 2 online classes through harvard, so he was just swamped and couldn't do it anymore. But something cool about him is his dad is one of the first quarum of the 70, (I know my spelling has gotten super bad, thats what happens when you learn a new language) and his dad helped out our other teacher on her mission. Which brings me to Sister Jardine. She was our first investigator "bianca", who was one of her investigators while she was on her mission. well the reason why she left last week was because she is getting married on the 10th, and so she is going to be gone for the next 2 weeks. It is really sad that we wont get to be taught by Bro. Zivic again, but I guess it is kinda nice to have a fresh investigator to start over with and actually be organized and feel like we are teaching them something, even though we did commit both our investigators Mario and Bianca to be baptized today actually haha.

This week at the TRC was so awesome! I have got to say that he TRC (training resource center) is one of my favorite parts here at the MTC. It is where we get to talk to real people, learn their real needs, and teach them what we feel they need in their lives. This week we got to teach a volunteer who was from Argentina, Elder Underwood. This man was so amazing. So we are told to try to focus our lessons on certain fundamentles of misisonary work, and this week was recieving revelation through church attendance, and when we started teaching and asked him how he felt about attending churhc often with an open heart to recieve answers, he basically taught our whole lessson to us!! haha it was great, and we were able to have a really sprititual discussion (all in spanish mind you) about sacrament meeting and the experiences that we have had and the answers that we have recieved while attending church. Also, at the end of the lesson Elder Underwood gave us some really good advice and really upped our spirits by telling us how much the spirit was with us and how great of missionaries we are and are going to be, and that was a real comfort to me.

Well, with my district things are going better I guess. I have stopped worrying about trying to correct everything that they do (thank you dad for your advice on that) and just try teaching them by my actions. It has definitely opened my eyes to how obedient I need to be to be able to set the right example for these Elders. I feel like I have really been able to connect with one elder however, elder johnson. Over the past week I have been able to truly befriend him and show him that I care about him, and he has really opened up to me and his attitude has completely changed. Even if I didn't have any effect on the other Elders in my district, I find comfort in knowing that Heavenly Father knew I was able to connect with this Elder and help him find a friend and find enjoyment in reading the scriptures. It has ben such a joy to see his countanence and attitude about missionary work and the language change completely, now I can't wait to see that change happen to someone in Mexico where they change their whole life around! I love this work more than anything else!!!

Thank you  all again for your letters, I love getting the dearelders so much! Oh and grandma ruth, I am working on a letter for you, I got the package you sent on saturday, and food wise I am more than good, so if you and grandpa would like to send some ties that would be great =) Oh and mom, I sent home my sd card, you should get it today, but if you could print off those pictures I asked you to as well as send me a picture of the family and send it with my shirt, some more ibc rootbeer, and twix bars that would be great :) I love you mom!



Elder Noel 

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