Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wed 8/1/2012 9:32 AM

Hey there loved ones!!

Thank you so much for the packages!! You really have noooo idea how much comfort they bring and how much of an answer to prayers that they are. So yes I have gotten the packeges you sent mom (and that card was totally awesome, when you do send my other shirt, yes i do want it, it would be awesome if you used another one of those cards, they are hilarious!), and thank you grandma for the cinnamon rolls, those are probably my favorite out of the 2, which by the way grandma I will be writting you personally thanking you :)

Anywho, the language has been coming in like a flood. Our lessons are going so good! It has evolved from us learning certain lines of spanish to recite during our visits to us being able to really learn the doctrine, learn certain words that are used in the lesson, and then be able to give a full 30+ min lesson! It really is amazing! It is so interesting to see how when we are preparing our lessons promptings that I will get to just read over something during our study time, and then have the Spirit prompt me to say it during our lesson and have the lesson take a turn and talk about someting completely different! Our last lesson with Mario was absolutly amazing. We had already commited him to baptism, but it was kind of a conditional if he would recieve answers. Well during our lesson we just continued drilling baptism, we talked about everything. How to be baptized, why we are baptized, blessings of baptism, just everything! One of the coolest parts of the lesson was when my companion asked him what he felt like he needed to do to get baptized, Mario paused, and then he said get baptized!! My soul was filled with such great joy, it was amazing!!!! Unfortunately, this last week was our teachers last week so we wont be teaching him any more (because our teachers role play investigators that they had), I definitely leard a lot from that man.

Next, I just want to say that if any of you ever think about writting me, do it!! I can tell you right now that it is a prompting from the Lord. I pray so much to have comfort from the Lord, and we all know that the Lord works through others to answer prayers, so if the thought ever crosses your mind "I should write chase", DO IT!! We are blessed with dearelder.com, and there is no reason why you cant write me more. I promise that if you write me, I will write you back a personaly letter, and that because you would be following the promptings of the spirit you will be blessed even more so.

I miss everyone, the work has been super hard, not to mention ive been pretty sick the past weekish (ask dad, i told him in his email more about it). I feel like I am not doing as good as I could with my calling as district leader, but I am trying so hard, my prayers are considerably filled with pleads for my district more so than for me and the family. I just dont know what else I can do, I feel like the way to get them to like me is to let them slack off, but one of my responsibilites is to not tolerate any innappropriate behavior, and I feel like missuse of time is extremely innappropriate. I just don't know what to do. Please keep me in your prayers, I can feel your love quite often here, but I'll be honest the more you write me (preferably through dearelder since i can only check email once a week) the easier it is to get through the week, I have a feeling that was another reason why this last week was so hard because I really havent gotten a lot of letters, but I've been holding in there. I love you all, thank you for the lessons that you have taught me over my life.



Elder Noel

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