Monday, September 17, 2012

Semana Dos!!/Monday, September 17, 2012 2:46 PM

Hola mi amados!! Muchisimos gracias por sus emails! :)

So first to reply to the emails a little bit, Dad it is actually really funny that you sold you truck, cause I was talking with my companion about it and said to him that since you got rid of the burb, that you were going to sell your truck and get a lexus...and well, guess what happens haha i just laughed when i read that part! It is also good to hear that things are going pretty well for tanner and his football, that is totally awesome that he is getting some good playing time in, hopefully he will get more and more and maybe even play on jv next year. Brookie, just keep in mind that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, my mission has made me realize that more and more. Even though I don´t know what everyone is saying here, they make me feel like this is my home, and I wouldnt be here if i would have left earlier, and so many other blessings wouldnt have happened if i didnt leave when i did, so keep your eyes open for the opportunities that God has instore for you, or you might miss them.

So this week has been yet again on fire!! We broke my companions former record for lessons, a total of 44 lessons for this week. Ya, we were teaching like nuts. It is interesting to see those who are humble and those who think they know everything. Also, it is interesting to see how in the Book of Mormon it says that people in the last days will say that bad doesnt exist, that there is no sin. Well, we met a guy who thought that yesterday, and talked with him after church for around an hour teaching him how everything has an opposite, that there could be no good without bad, and it was interesting to see when he knew what we were teaching was right, but still wouldnt admit it,  he just left, which was sad in a way actually. Anywho, that happens a lot, when we teach someone who is very stubborn in their ways, and even when they know the gospel is right, and they know they need to get baptized, they wont change for the life of them. But when we find someone who is willing, that is the best feeling in the world. We found this one huge family last week who are all so close to being baptized. The father of the family got baptized a couple months ago, and that is how we found them. He has like 5 kids, and all of them have a family of their own. We have been focusing on one of them more however, Ruben. He is a carpenter, and has a "wife" and 4 kids, 2 of which can be baptized. i say "wife" because here no one is really married, that is our biggest problem here. Like we are waiting now on three different couples to get married first before they can get baptized. It doesnt really make sense to me how they can have kids and still not be married, but this Ruben and his soon to be wife have always really wanted to get married, so when we told them that if they do they can be baptized and then in a year be sealed as a family for all eternity, you could just see pure joy enter into his eyes!! he can speak a little english, so he said, yes i want to be together forever. He was just so happy to hear that he could be with his family, together, for ever, that is what this work is really about, is bringing families together, and baptism is just the first step. 

So the 2 baptisms that we had this week were tonya and guadalupe, and boy were they tuff ones. Even though i couldnt understand them very well,  the spirit was super strong, and they finally realized that they needed to be baptized. The water was super cold because the water heater ran out of gas without us knowing it, so they didnt like that very much, but i think it was still a good experience for them.

Some fun stuff, last week we went to some waterfalls for pday and it was so awesome! This week as a zone we got jersys  and had an awesome game of soccer, mexicanos vs. americanos, and who would have thought that the americans, which only 2 of us had played since we were 10, would be the mexicans 5 to 2 haha :) 

k answers: My area is Santiago Tianguistenco (which litterally translated means smelly market)

cities near : metapec, kinda, it is like an hour away

The food is sooo amazing!! The members here feed us so well, it is kinda difficult for me to finish it all, but it is getting easier and easier, but it really isnt that spicy, only if you want it to be, and i like to taste my food haha.

We actually have one of the nicest homes in the entire mission, so we have a laundry machine that we can do laundry with, so that is kinda nice. 

We only have one ward in our area actually, there are a lot of inactives, but soooo much work to do, like we have 6 baptisms planned for next week if all goes well.

Love you all, thank you for the support and love!!



Elder Noel

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