Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wed 7/18/2012 9:32 AM

Hello Momma! 

So it is nearing the end of week 2 here.....it is crazy how fast time flies by here! Seriously after the first Sunday the days just seem to mush together.....but I totally love it! My district is growing so close to eachother, even though next week there are going to be 4 missionaries leaving to the Lima MTC, we are like a family here. There is one Elder, Elder Brasher, that I have gotten really close to. We work out now every day, this kid is jacked! I've never worked out so hard, but we talk all the time and we have just gotten to be good friends.

Anyways, thank you all sooooo much for the packages!! They truly are a treasure here, and my room thinks that you guys are the best family ever! (I kinda agree with them on that one) Thank you for you letter to me, it was really special that you had written that for me. Just so i can get it out before I forget I would love a shower lufa (im running out of soap faster than expected) and my cord for my camera or a card reader if you cant find it so I can send you pictures but im going to try to use my companions.

So now to the questions. My day is extremely busy everyday except for p day. Here is just an example, and most days are like this. So everyday we have 1 hour of personal study at 7, then breakfast till 840. From there we either have 1 hour of language study or start our class for 3 hours. When we have language study we then to TALL, which is like a computer aided language study for 1 hour, but we do language study and Tall everyday, it just changes what time depending on the day. We then have lunch everyday at 1250, and gym is usually right before or right after lunch, it depends on when our class is. We then usually have an additional hour to study whatever we want, personal, language, or comapionship, then at 540 we have dinner, then at 630 we have another 3 hour class, then at night is when I write personal letters (so by the way, if you want a personal letter from me I would greatly appreciate anyone writting me on dearelder during the week, *cough* brookie and tanner)

But I am loving it here soo much!! The spirit here is so strong, and the food is actually really good! I have gaind about 5 lbs since I got here, but it is because I have been getting quite a bit bigger from working out, I actually have a thinnger waist and I might have to punch another hole in one of my belts if this keeps up, also I have been eating like a horse! Seriously I eat close to 3 entrees a meal.....ya I east a lot.

Well I love you all, and here is my lessons I learned during the week from devotionals/class. This is from Elder Holland in a video we watched. "Dont ever live life wiht the regret of what could have been. Obedience is the first law of missionary work as well as the first law of everything in the Gospel. Obedience is the most funamentle issue of all eternity."


Elder Noel

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