Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wed 7/25/2012 9:17 AM

Hola Mi Familia!

 Muchos gracius por su palabras!! :) (Thank your for your words) They are all so comforting to read and know what is going on in the real world. It really is crazy how seperated from the world us missionaries are, for example, we didn't hear about the shooting in colorado untill monday from our teacher. It is crazy! 

I hope Bear Lake was fun, it really is such a magical place, I miss being with all the family, laughing and having fun, but I am having such an amazing time here!! All the devotionals are amazing (even though we haven't had a memeber from the quorum of the 12 yet), but I feel like all of them are directed at me! Only thing I am going to do different is on sundays they play church movies, but they also do previous talks that were given here that only us missionaries can see, and last sunday was one by David A. Bendar about the Character of Christ, my comp. wanted to see the movie, and I wish we went to the talk, I heard it was life changing. Hopefully I will be able to see it again before I leave here. 

Well some news with me. So yesterday a third of our district left to go to the Peru MTC (Brookie, including the one I worked out with, which btw I found out he was an Ambercrombi and Fith model last year so yes I guess you would think he is "hot"), but our district leader was included in those for, so on Sunday they had to call a new one. I woke up sunday and felt great. I thought to myself that they needed to call a new district leader and was thinking that they had already talked to whoever it was going to be so I was safe. Well, while I was sitting in Sacrament meeting before it started, talking with fellow missionaries who were passing the sacrament with me, and one of the counselors pulls aside our old district leader, and then the other memeber of the bishopbric comes up to me and says he needs to speak with me. I am now the new district leader.... It has been a very humbling and eye opening experience. I thought I had a love for my district before, but ever since they were put under my stewardship I have really never felt such love for a group of men. It is been interesting the insights the Lord has shown me to the life of these Elders by just looking at their countenance. It has been truly humbling as I have been in a couple leadership trainings already, I havent had to do interviews yet, but I have a feeling that as I grow to love these elders more that those interviews will be a very spiritual and eye opening experience for me. I don't know why the Lord chose me, but I have been praying all day every day that I can server in this calling to the greatest of my capabilities!

I love this work so much! It truly is the work of God. On our devotional last night by Gary J Coleman, he brought up something that really struck me. Since we are going out in the Lords name, we need to do as he did in tercero Nefi (Thats 3 nephi in spanish). He is always inviting the Nephites to come unto Him, and that is what we need to do as missionaries, we need to be constantly inviting others to come unto Christ, whether it be by prayer, reading the scriputres, or being baptized, we need to invite others to come unto Christ. Something else was impressed upon my mind. We are acting under God's power, and in Christ's name. I've realized that as we are worthy, have the Spirit with us, and do everything that we are doing, our teaching can be as powerful as if the Savior's teachings to the Nephites, because if we are teaching by the Spirit, is won't be us that the investigators are listening to, but it will be the same power that the Savior taught with, the same companion that the Savior had, they will be taught by the Holy Ghost. I find that an extremely high calling and goal to set, to live my life as I need to, obeying with exactness (Thanks gpa!), and using my priesthood as Christ did. He is the perfect example, especially for us missionarires, and it is extremely humbling knowing that we are going in the stead of the Prophet, as well as Christ, I just hope that I well please the Lord with my fruits that I bring from my labors.

I love you all so much!! Please continue to send dearelders, if anyone is on the computer, please think of me and just write me a little note, you would be surprised how Heavenly Father is working through you to comfort me and give me the strength that I need. I feel all of your prayers everyday, keeping my bright spirits up and loving this work to the maximum capacities that I can muster!

With love,

Elder Noel


p.s. Mom, I don't need the cd's yet becuase we don't have a cd player, I would like to get some new sheet covers for my letters, they are almost filled up. Oh and grandma and grandpa gurgel, thank you sooooo much for the brownies! :) I would defintitely love some more IBC rootbear, that would be amazing :) I think that should be it for now, I havent been able to figure out how to email pictures, but I heard I can print them off somewhere so Im going to do some searching.

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