Tuesday, January 8, 2013

¡Otra vez!

Monday, December 17, 2012 1:03 PM

Well, this week was another amazing week of miracles, but first, the news about Christmas. So I wont be able to email on the 24, but, I will be able to Skype on the 25 before 2 pm (my time). This is really all that they have told us. I am going to be looking around a little bit with those members to find out if there is a computer that has a camera, but if not, whose number should I call, moms or dads? This is really all the information that I have at the moment, and I wont be receiving any more until Thursday because this week is really screwed up, like we don't get pday until Thursday, but we get to write today, and also tomorrow we don't have our usual meeting with our zone, so this week is really messed up, but it is also kinda fun at the same time. Also, the offices still haven't gotten any of the packages yet, but hopefully they get them by tomorrow so I can see what you sent me before I talk to you all, but if not, oh well, life will go on, hopefully past the 21 hahaha. 

Bueno, now on to the good stuff, la obra misional. Well, as you can see in the pictures, we had another baptism, and boy was this another miracle! So his name is Carlso Beuo (or something like that, but his first name is Carlos), and he is an old investigator from the last change. They had taught him for about 2ish weeks but could never get him to go to church, so they kind of dropped him, meaning they would only pass by his house if they were in the area, and this happened until about the end of my first week here. The first time I met him we talked to him about baptism, and told him that if he got baptized he could receive a forgiveness of all of his sins, and that definitely rung a bell in his head. He told us that he has been searching for God for like 8 years now, looking for the place where he wants to get baptized, cause he wants to do it right, and when we taught him how Christ was baptized and how we baptize the exact same way, something sparked. We told him that if he wants to get baptized and receive this forgiveness, he needs to go to church, and so this last week (a week ago from yesterday) he did! In our ward we have the bishop teach the Gospel Principles class, and Carlos loved it all. He said that everything that was taught was exactly how he thought it should be, the plan of salvation and all, and that he was really excited to get baptized the next week. So, during the week we had our district leader come over and interview him, and luckily enough he let me be there for the interview because he didn't have a private room to do the interview, and boy was that a really amazing experience. Ya I have felt the spirit really strong in lessons before, but this was a different kind of spirit. As soon as we started the interview, you could tell in an instant the difference in all of us. Everything went super well and he accepted all of the commandments and what not, and so my district leader had Carlos give the closing prayer, and wow, talk about humility. This grown man of 60 something years, super tough looking and what not, broke out in tears and really pleaded with his Heavenly Father. I have really never heard a prayer with that much humility before, and I really learned a lot on how I can improve my own prayers. This week honestly has been a big lesson for me in humility. I thought when I entered in the mission field that I was pretty humbled, I did what my companion asked, I did what my leaders asked, without question, but boy was I wrong. I have learned that humility is a lot more than just doing someone else will instead of yours, it takes a lot more than that, especially when you are one of the people who have a say in things. I have really had my eyes opened, thanks to my companion, how I really think, how I really act, and my true motive behind things, and he has helped me incredibly overcome my pride and helped me learn for myself what it means to be humble. Speaking of which, we went to the Argentine consulate this past week, so we think that he will probably be leaving either this week or the next week to Argentina, so I have been praying fervently that it is the will of the Lord that he stays here so I can keep learning from him.

Ok, now for some other questions that I forgot about earlier haha. Yes, I do know Elder Cutler. He was a District Leader in my last zone in the zone Metapec, and right now yes, he is a zone leader. Actually I heard that he is a zone leader with the last AP Elder McCallister, so that will be a way cool experience. We talked a little bit about who we knew from high school and what not, and also about our younger sisters, so that was fun. The food here is still amazing. Sometimes we receive money from sisters who live alone and work everyday all day, but still want to help us out, so sometimes we even get to get eat at like Costco or Walmart during the day, which is pretty nice for me, and my companion loves it haha. My area is totally different than my last, but I am getting used to it. I think by now I really know it and if I get a direction from someone I can pretty much find it, with sometimes only a little bit of help from my companion. Oh and Elder Woodbury. I don't know him personally, but he was actually in this same area a while back ago, same with a lot of other famous elders, such as this Elder McCallister, so who knows, maybe this is the area to be tested to see if you baptize or not haha, nevertheless, the Lord has been blessing us extremely in Loma Hermosa with many miracles, and many baptisms for this area as well. Pray that all of the people in this ward can be furthermore inspired to direct us to the people who are sufficiently humbled to accept the gospel, and that the people who we are going to meet with are prepared by God and will accept Christ is their lives. I love you all so much, I am extremely looking forward to talking with you next week, and my God continue to bless you!

Con mucho amor,
Elder ``Papà`` Noel

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