Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Tue 1/1/2013 1:54 PM

Well well well, this week has gone by way way too fast! I cant believe that it is already a new year! It was sooo good to hear from all of you on Christmas, Elder Alvarez says that I have a beautiful family and that he wants to marry Brookie when he gets home haha yet another one.... ;) Any way, we really don't have anytime because it took us forever to find a place to write our families, so I will get straight to the point haha.
So yesterday morning we recieved a phone call from our APs, and that could only mean 1 thing, Elder Alvarez finaly got his visa. So yesterday in the middle of our New years party with our zone (with a piƱata and 2 movies, Madagascar 3 and Ice age 4) we went to the offices so he could catch his flight and I could recieve my new companion, and boy is he new. So if you noticed the subject, it says mijo, which means my son. Thats right, I went from training someone in the second change to someone in the first change. His name is Elder Alejandro Ramirez, and he only has 2 weeks here in the field, so I am basically his daddy haha. I am super excited to work with him because his first two weeks he was in a threesome with zone leaders, so he is really powerful, and I am excited to get teaching. Please keep us in your prayers, we really need them. Love you all, and sorry that it is really short, next week will hopefully be longer :)

Elder Noel

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