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Monday, January 07, 2013 1:28 PM

Well, it is official, this last week I finished 6 months in the mission, and 4 months in Mexico. I honestly cant believe how fast time has flown by!  This last week we have been working super hard, and we have found many miracles this week that will come through this next week! I don't know exactly what happened, but I have found a new vigor and I am even more excited to work my heart out here and really serve God with all my might, mind, soul, and heart, in more ways than 1 haha. I am super excited for this coming change, not only do I feel like it is going to be an amazing year like dad said, but I know it is going to be!

Anyways, a little more information on my new companion since I only got like 20 minutes to write president and you guys this last week. So again, his name is Elder Alejandro Ramirez, and he is from Sanora, Mexico, and not like how I said last time, this is way north, like right by the border of Mexico and the US. He likes skateboarding, like a lot. He has told me about a lot of the tricks that he can (could) do an all of the competitions that he did before his mission. He sounds pretty ligit. An interesting fact about him, when he was 7 he was playing with fireworks (big ones) and one exploded in his hand and lost a finger. So let that be a lesson to all you pyros, be careful, or you could lose a finger.

Well, I guess it is about time to talk a little bit about how the work has been going here and all (or at least some) of the miracles that have been happening here in Loma Hermosa (which by the way means, more or less, Beautiful Mound, which is really funny because it is one of the flattest areas in all of the mission haha). So not yesterday, but the Sunday anterior, we had this one guy who is the brother of 2 sisters in our ward come to church all by himself, named David. His two sisters who are in our ward, and sealed in the temple, have invited him for many years to come to church, but he never went. He always told them that eventually he would go, but never was good time for him. Well the Saturday night before he called one of them and said that he would go to church the next day with them, and he did. The only problem was is that he lives kinda far away, and works every night really late, so we couldn't visit him during the week, but he said that he felt something different and wanted to come again, yesterday, and low and behold, he came. It really was amazing to see him there again, along with another sister that came to church all by herself because her neighbors invited her to come (yes, those members can bring people to church a lot easier than us missionaries can, that is why we are working with them now), but we will see how that is tomorrow. Anyways, so we put a ´´cita´´, or appointment, down with him that night to bring our district leader and interview him at one of his sisters house ( I guess some problems happened to where he had to move in with his sister and her family, miracle right?), and well, he is Golden. He will be baptized either Friday or Saturday, and boy has he changed his life around. It really is a testament to me that it doesnt matter what someone has done in their life, or is doing, what matters is what they will do in the future. Like the talk from Pres. Monson, we need to look at people on who they can become, and we can see what someone will become on how they react to commitments. The biggest lesson I have learned here in Loma Hermosa is how we can show humility, and it is through repentance ( I honestly cant remember how it is spelled, its arrepentimiento in Spanish haha). We can see if someone will change their life and if they really do want to come unto Christ through their commitments. If they don't even commit to reading, to going to church, or praying, it is a clear sign to us missionaries that they aren't ready to progress, that they don't want to even put their faith in Christ to change. This isn't only for investigators, but for everyone. To show God our love and humility, we need to first be willing to change, and this is when the change will come.

Well that was a little longer than expected, and we gotta go haha I love you all so much, I still haven't gotten the packages because we didn't receive pouch the last week, but we should be getting it this next week. Love you!!

Elder Noel

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