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Mon 1/21/2013 12:38 PM

Well, another week as come and gone here in Loma Hermosa, and boy was it a good one! Definitely a testimony to me that it doesn't matter what has happened in the past, what matters is if we are going to apply the Atonement in our lives today or not, and change today, that is what really matters. It doesn't matter if we had a crappy day yesterday, we have the decision to make today a good day, and that is what we did. As you hopefully can see by the pictures, we had a lot of success this week, and I would like to spend the majority of my letter today focused on the pair, Ramon and Araceli.
So we met these two about 2 weeks ago yesterday, when Araceli went to church basically all by herself. These two were living in Ecatapec, in the state of Mexico, but a construction company was building something right by their house when the foundation of their house caved in due to the construction next to their house, so they basically lost everything. Well, this started their conversion, one way or another. They were forced to move out, and about 3 weeks ago they came here to Loma Hermosa, were coinsadently (I have completely lost all ability to spell in English... so you´ll have to sound that one out) she has a friend who is an active member, and Sunday morning he invited her to come, and she did, all alone without her husband. So after the services, we talked to her and since they had just moved, their apartment was full to the brim with boxes, so she said that we couldn't come visit them until they had cleared a spot for us to talk with them. Well, that wouldn't do haha, so we offered to help move all of their boxes so that we could talk with them, and oddly enough she accepted. Well, she wasn't lying, there was a lot of boxes. There, we got to spend about 1 hour and a half moving boxes, occasionally talking a little about the gospel, but mostly using this time to gain the confidence from her husband, who after all the disasters in his life, basically gave up believing in God, so this was a great opportunity for us to explain the restoration of the Gospel, and he was actually somewhat interested. He said that he had been praying to receive an answer from God what he should do with his life, and we told him that we are it and the message that we bring. Anyways, fast-forward to the next Friday (last Friday that was terrible for us), Araceli had accepted baptism, but Ramon no, but that night Araceli had told us that she wanted to wait to be baptized for another month or so, and this was difficult because we were going to have a lesson with them and the bishop at the church, and he was really anxious to  meet with the bishop, so we didn't have a chance to talk with them. Anyways, Ramon came to church a week ago yesterday, and loved it. So during the week, we invited them yet again to baptism, and they both accepted, for yesterday, so obviously we were super excited. Well, this happened Tuesday. So we passed by again Wednesday, and things weren't as they seemed between the two. It turns out that they are on the brink of divorcement, and that things were only getting worse, until we showed up. Well, we shared with them the plan of salvation again this night, and the next day we came over with goals for them as a couple to read the book of Mormon everyday together, pray together, and do an act of service for the other every day, and they both promised to do it. The next day we went over and showed them a video by the church called ´´together forever´´, and boy was it just what they needed. All 4 of us were tearin up at the end, and it was seriously so amazing. Well, we told Ramon that he can love his wife again, but it has to be through the Gospel of Christ, and that the way to come closer to Christ is first through baptism, so he said that he would think about it and bring his stuff the church, but he wasn't promising anything. Well yesterday as he got to the chapel, he was still saying that he wasn't going to be baptized, which made his wife really sad. Well, end of the services, and he still didn't want to, but his wife was in movable (just like you mom :) ), and went to the bathroom to change. Well, a very straightforward sister came and talked to him, and he said, ok, and went to go change. When his wife came out of the bathroom and saw her husband dressed in white, she almost cried, it was amazing. The services went amazing (oh the other man is named David, and the teenage that did the 3 baptisms is the nephew of David, this is another story that really touched me that I just don't have time for), and when Ramon came out of the water, I have really never seen a bigger change in someone. He looked up at me and smiled, and I could see a real peace come over him. It was one of the most powerful moments in my mission yet. But wait, when they came back into the room, the best part ever happened. They were holding hands. Just another testimony to me that the Gospel of Christ really does bring families together, for eternity. I love this gospel, and I hope you all are well. I love you all, and thank you for all your support!

Elder Noel

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